Unlock Full Potential: Expert Tips for Leveraging Your Listing Page & Digital Card
Digital Perks | March 26, 2024
Discover expert tips to maximize your listing page & digital card. Elevate your online visibility, engage customers, and drive conversions effectively.

Welcome to the world of JustMy, where we help businesses like yours unlock their full potential by optimizing their online presence and attracting more customers. In this article, we'll explore expert tips for leveraging your listing page and digital card to maximize your business's impact. From creating content in the Content Hub to utilizing custom tabs, these tips will guide you to a successful online presence.

Expert Tip 1: Utilize the Content Hub

The Content Hub is a powerful tool that allows you to create events, write articles, and post job offerings. Publishing content with the Content Hub includes your banner ad and your hot links, bringing more attention to your business in more places. Additionally, publishing content can help with your search engine optimization, as it puts your content in places across the web with content and links related to your keywords.

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Expert Tip 2: Share Your QR Code Everywhere

Make sure your QR code for your card and listing are everywhere. Include it on all your printed material and consider getting lanyards with your QR code on it for easy sharing. This ensures that potential clients can easily access your information and engage with your business.

Expert Tip 3: Team Up with the #FunCrew

Your pitch video is added to your business card and to your listing, and it's your chance to give a personal introduction to everyone who sees your card. Team up with the #FunCrew of JustMy to create the perfect pitch video that showcases your brand and services in an engaging and compelling way.

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Expert Tip 4: Use Custom Tabs to Focus Viewers

The content tabs bring your content in videos together under a single tab to help potential clients quickly see all your content related to each subject. This not only makes it easier for viewers to navigate your content but also helps focus their attention on the topics that are most relevant to them.

By implementing these expert tips, you'll be able to effectively leverage your listing page and digital card to maximize your business's impact. From utilizing the Content Hub to sharing your QR code everywhere, these tips will guide you to a successful online presence that attracts more customers and elevates your brand.

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